Did the film introduce anything for anyone to attach themselves to emotionally? We need to use up Nat so lets force a romance into the script. Intelligent and fun comic-book popcorn epic! While there Thor literally changes overnight from being an arrogant, rash and violent idiot to a wise, humble and pacifist purveyor of all things noble, and the only possible reason for this that’s presented in the movie is that he met Natalie Portman and was then told that his father died while he was gone. Action , Adventure , Fantasy. Dark elvish dialogue is hard-coded in this Web rip]. AG] sub download 0 English subtitle thor subtitle

The Dark World p. In a year long span of brilliantly playing vastly different roles from psychotic to swashbuckling heroine, Natalie Portman this time plays the sweet determined scientist girl who falls for the strangely mannered good looking guy. The end credit sequence of Thor is the most fascinating yet as it actually takes a major plot development in the story strand ; And it was the longest bloody end of credit sequence I’ve ever seen in any movie! They certain did these long-time Marvel greats proud. Honestly, seeing that Branagh directed and J. AG] sub download -1 English subtitle Thor.

For example, we also have the character of Agent Coulson conducting scientific investigations from S. And make sure you stay for the end credit scenes. Did Antony really read the script or did he just see the figures in the contract?

I prayed that Kenneth Branagh would learn from his mistakes with handling a big budget movie, namely his Frankeinstein. Disertai terjemahan teks asing di layar. Unfortunately it’s one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in years, and is completely full of moronic cliches and the most superficial faux morals. Thor The Dark World AG] sub download 0 Bengali subtitle Thor shaon download 2 Brazilian Portuguese subtitle Thor sub download 1 Brazilian Portuguese subtitle Thor sub download 0 Bulgarian subtitle http: The action scenes were also good though I thought could have been executed better with lesser use of the fast cut edit style that is too often the norm in action film these days.


Thor The Dark World Bangla subtitle dvdscr. Nothing too taxing for any of them but they do give a re-assuring aura about them.

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For some reason the last line of subtittles file “He was a prisoner in their dungeons. AG] sub download -1 English subtitle Thor. AG] sub download 0 Lithuanian subtitle Thor. As I previously said, it is a very entertaining movie with various positive elements, like Branagh’s efficient direction, which drives the movie at a perfect rhythm. It might not be a great film, but it definitely made me have a good time.

As for the cast, besides of the previously mentioned Hemsworth, I think that the rest of the actors is also worthy of applause, starting by Natalie Portman, who can perfectly express her character’s emotions.

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ActionAdventureFantasy. Does anyone identify with any characters here? The Dark World – new Trailer p p. Marvel found two absolute diamonds in the rough. Chris Hemsworth played the part with a lot of energy, charisma and I have to admit from a bloke’s point of view, annoying good looks. Iron Man upped the ante. YIFY 3 years ago 3 I do not know what other people saw but there is nothing good or unique in this film.

Dark elvish dialogue is hard-coded in this Web rip].

Michael Straczynski wrote the script is a large part of why I went to see the movie. So its all coming together nicely. I will therefore cease to add sugtitles about it for fear of giving someone the illusion that there is anything to actually speak about in terms of artistic critique. And Branagh’s competent direction, the excellent performances and the solid screenplay make Thor to be a very entertaining movie.


Subtitlex while I am here typing I just realized something: Language Set favourite s Login.

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Thor- The Dark World [p]. The visuals were quite spectacular, mainly, the sweeping canvas of Asgard.

I watched this last night at a preview screening in London. Elvish Only for CHD release!! AG] sub download 1 Vietnamese subtitle Thor sub download. Anyone want to finish and improve the sub?? I look forward to seeing it again and know it will do well enough to be worthy of a sequel because word of mouth is going to be great. I know the script is written mostly for them but they carry it in a big way.

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One last thing, the film I saw was in 3d and once again, it practically nearly ruined all the action scenes for me. Thor The Dark World. My Lord, where was it and when did it begin. The special effects actually made me tired. From what I’ve read, Hemsworth and Hiddleston were cast almost a year in advance of filming the story so, they had time to get into shape and do character research.

AG] sub download 0 English subtitle Thor. Adjusted to sync with Thor the Dark World by rarbg.

maxspeec Don’t forget to RATE And no great moments that saved the film. Spider-Man set a new standard for the superhero film genre back in the day.

They certain did these long-time Marvel greats proud. Gambar jauh lebih bening dari R6. AG] sub download 0 Arabic subtitle Thor.