South Park Top Share this Rating Title: Welcome to the all new southpark. Don’t You Judge Me. Stranger Sign in, buddy. Slate described the episode as being “the epitome of everything great about the show”.

Best South Park episodes. If You Have a hearth for democracy Avoid this. The entire episode is a commentary on the presidential election, and elections in general. To avoid being shot, Stan casts a ballot for turd sandwich, which angers Kyle. Eco-terrorism in fiction People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals South Park season 8 episodes Television episodes about elections United States presidential election in popular culture Zoophilia in culture. Garrison and Hillary Clinton , respectively, in the presidential election. Instead they plan to nominate and elect a “joke” candidate. Views Read Edit View history.

He talks about it with his parents at dinner, but his parents are not impressed with his apathy and even get into a fight over who should win when Stan explains who the sandsich competitors are. As a result, he is banished from the town. If We Don’t Wanna Vote! South Giaht Elementary is having elections to determine whether a giant douche or a turd sandwich will be the next school mascot.

To avoid being shot, Stan casts a ballot for turd sandwich, which angers Kyle.

Not surprisingly, Stan doesn’t fit in here either. Puff Daddy and his posse show up to kill Stan. Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes TV. Stan realizes his friend only wanted him to vote because he figured he would back his side.

Stan initially points out that his vote did not matter, but his parents inform their son that all votes matter even if it is for the losing side. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Audible Download Audio Books. His horse wanders on and on, eventually ending up at a PETA doucche.

Douche and Turd Douche and Turd. In which order did the people of South Park tear a piece of Stan Marsh’s shirt and spit turf him? The student body holds an election to determine a new mascot. Douche and Turd 27 Oct Butters dresses up like a Hula Girl to help promote his candidate Turd Sandwich; he will again put on a dress for his role in “Marjorine”.

South Park Top With all eyes upon him, he casts his vote for turd sandwich — which is soundly beaten, 1, to Fyll You Judge Me. When the town banishes Stan, Butters’ dad is yet again shown blowing a large horn as the child exits the town — he first did this in “Child Abduction Is Not Funny”when the parents sent off all of South Park’s parkk to live outside their great wall. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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Stan explains his banishment to the PETA, who tells him that an election “is always between a douche and a turd”, because they are the only people who suck up enough to make it that far in politics.

He’s tied up, placed on the back of a horse, and run out of town in disgrace.

His friends are stunned that Stan wouldn’t participate in the democratic process — particularly Kyle, who calls in Puff Daddy to help his friend see the light. As a result, the cow is reinstated as South Park Elementary School’s mascot. The episode has been used to demonstrate the near-zero value of an individual vote, the intrinsic value individuals place fuol the act of voting itself, problems arising when voters must choose amongst undesirable candidates rather than issues, and the role of political campaigning.

Favorite South Park Episodes. Best South Park episodes. Douche and Turd 27 Oct 8. The scene in which Stan is ridden out of town on a horse is yet another parody of a Mel Gibson movie. Combs and his posse retaliate by gunning down all the PETA members. But they can’t decide between Kyle’s favorite, a giant douche, and Cartman’s choice, a turd sandwich. Puff Daddy, who seems to take his “Vote or Die” slogan waaaay ssouth seriously.

Once again, Stan withdraws from the balloting — an offense so great that he gets banished from South Park for eternity or until he decides voting matters.

Unfortunately, his fukl on voting are seen as un-American, and soutj is ultimately banished from the town. The animals flee as they anticipate the fate of the PETA members, and Stan manages to escape, only to suffer a minor injury on his arm. But upon seeing Puffy’s flamboyant fur coat, the PETA members throw red paint on him — so he kills them instead. Puffy and his crew show us the importance of voting with their very persuasive rap “Vote or Die.


Season 8 Episode 8. Garrison runs in with the news that the PETA members have fulk discovered murdered. The result is that the two joke candidates get the most votes and the students must choose between the two in an election.

Combs shows up at the camp to kill Stan, but is distracted by a PETA member who throws a bucket of red paint on his fur coat. Before you do, please read them and check out some of these changes such as arbitration for disputes – see fpisode FAQs. This page was last edited on 13 Januaryat According to Nick Gillespie of Reason magazine, this episode “pretty much sums up how most libertarians approach politics”.

Douche and Turd – Full Episode – Season 08 – Ep 08 | South Park Studios Nordics

By the time of the election, Stan agrees to vote after being chased by Combs and his associates through the streets with guns. The school agrees to pick a new mascot, and the students are told to vote for said new mascot.

The school administration decides that Stan must be banished from the town sputh all eternity or until he decides that voting is important. Garrison and Hillary Clintonsandwwich, in the presidential election.

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Stan’s horse randomly takes him to a PETA compound where he finds that PETA’s members live with animals, practicing zoophilia and even interbreeding with them. Please also note that you are accessing a site which is designed for and targeted to U. Meanwhile, the campaign continues, with the turd sandwich supporters rallying against the giant douche supporters, using bribes and fear mongering to gain support. Was this review helpful to you? This Episode Has Unesecary Cruelty.