Jatayu tells Ram, Sita and Lakshman about his brother, Sampati and how Sampati had lost his wings while rescuing him. Blaming his downfall on Priya, Brahma kidnaps Priya and saying that she is the reason for all problems tries to disrobe her and rape her, causing Aditya to beat him badly before he is dragged away by the police. Ram is worried about Sita’s safety. Rishi Matang curses Bali for breaking his meditation. A furious Bali returns to Kishkindha and attacks Sugriva for locking him up in the cave. Ravan tells Marich about Surpanakha’s humiliation and seeks his help to avenge her insult.

Daityaraj asks his men to attack Ram. Sumitra gets emotional on reminiscing about Lakshman. Dundubi disguises as a buffalo and battles with Bali. Rishi Matang curses Bali for breaking his meditation. Surpanakha asks Ravan to avenge her insult by Ram. This causes Brahma to eventually get enraged as Devyani has gone ahead with the divorce and in court is revealing all of his crimes as DIG, causing the Chief Minister to give a suspension threat. A furious Bali decides to punish Sugriva for locking him in the cave.

After Uttara gets heavily drunk and seduces him, Brahma starts having second thoughts for Uttara. Lord Hanuman rescues a child from danger. Lord Hanuman teaches wrestling to children.

Ram is worried about Sita’s safety. But, thanks to Aditya, who fell in love with Priya at first sight, she got her confidence back.

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He tries to pimp Priya. Uttara explains that she will make Tara understand who in turn will begin to call Brahma as father instead of uncle. He assures Ram of fulfilling his responsibilities as his representative. Aditya and Priya are living a happily married life together. ,aryada plans to prove herself better than Sita. Qayamat Ki Raat Dance Plus 4. Sita decides to treat the wounded deer.


Hanuman leads the hungry kids to a field full of watermelons. Suryadev asks Hanuman to protect eoisode son, Sugriva.

Reluctant Gaurav to Befriend Vidya

Shatrughan opens up to Shrutakirti. Lakshman apologises to Sita for his mistake. Meghnad tells Rahu and Ketu to avenge the insult they had faced at the hands of Hanuman. Ram rescues her from a vulture. The kid tells Ram about the dangers in their journey ahead.

A furious Bali decides to punish Sugriva for locking him in the cave. Priya takes this as an opportunity for Aditya to learn of Brahma and Devyani goes maryadx with the plan.

Brahma had also molested a woman, Priya Pradhan Riddhi Dograwhich causes a major change in her personality. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Aditya values Brahma as God and the one thing Mwryada fears is Aditya finding out his truth. Later, Ram tends to Sita’s wounds. Sumitra gets emotional on reminiscing about Lakshman. Hanuman tells a child about seeing Ram in his dreams. Marich seeks Ram’s help.

Jatayu informs Ram about Ravan’s arrival at Panchavati. By the time she is fully in charge of the household, no family members realize any difference, except Priya and Devyani. Jatayu is dejected on learning about Dasharath’s death.

Ravan tells Marich about his plan to abduct Sita. Brahma manages to convince her that nothing is going between him and Uttara and that he is just consoling her as she does not feel accepted into their family.

Sugriva is worried about Roma’s well-being. He punishes himself by injuring one of his eyes. Vibhishan tries to make Surpanakha realise her mistake.


Jatayu tells Ram a way to kill Virad. Epislde decides to kill Mayavi when he challenges him. Rishi Matang curses Bali for breaking his meditation. Join or Log Into Facebook. Meanwhile, Ram searches for Sita. Lakshman and Sita are attacked by a giant bird, Jatayu. Ram tells Bharath that the Dharm Sabha will decide whether he needs to return or not. Shatrughan informs Bharath that margada the activities of the throne are being restored in Ayodhya. Meghnath punishes the soldier for his misdemeanour.

Sita comes across Surpanakha at the lake. Sampati confronts Jatayu for bringing fruits instead of meat.

Later, as per Vasishth’s instructions, Ram immerses Dasharath’s ashes with a heavy heart. Rishabh becomes bankrupt but is helped by a businessman who had an eye on Uttara, though she wasn’t aware of it.

Vidya Feels Guilty

Uttara and Brahma are also having sex repeatedly around the house, also unnoticed by the rest of the family members. Hanuman tells Sugriva that he is going to meet Roma and asks him not to enter the palace. Roma’s father assures Sugriva that he will train him to become an able king. The series is remembered as the first show on Indian television to have a gay storyline. Brahma then returns to the house after his police car crashed, but he is broken and mentally epsiode.