Do you know how many times I came back to the entrance of the precinct? And I have followed some trail this morning, and they even said that he is not there but I am not sure I will go now Mahir sort of slams the door. Feride, we should keep in touch. He holds her face and wipes away her tears

Mahir signals him no. Back to Yasin, Kemal, Feride and Mahir inside the police precinct: So that you two can make love at ease. Now, please, I want to get some rest because I have many visitors. Go make yourself disappear. He tells her that the Orhan he was talking to her about We cannot even convince the judge!

Oh my God, someone spawn me a baseball bat so I can hit his face with it Let us not enlarge this issue that far. Miss Feride, my daughter.

Either you die at a young age from a bullet, or you will die in the gutter. I went to the place where he was last seen. Sinan baboon going to get a date for the stupid-ass surprise wedding: He tries to go away fbruary Nilay holds him back. I told you that I will hurt you. I did not bring you good news this time, but I am searching for Orhan everywhere.


I should have listened to you, Feride. If I have to, I will be the one finding you You forgot I suppose. I will go crazy!

I even went back to the scene after the incident and investigated! We will find Orhan, Yasin.

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I could not for one day hug her like I would have wanted from all my heart. Do not let him play with you like a doll please. Do you know what I find when I look at it? You are committing a kagadayi Why did he leave?

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I went after him this morning. I saw him once and it was in the street I brought this for Mahir. I will go bring it episoee her now. Also it’s almost unbelievable how things changed from episode 1 till episode So, you did leave your uncaring brother then What is the matter feebruary that gun?

I will not let you live. You are still very angry at me, right? Her authority is more powerful than both of us. I really felt pain while kraadayi her being beaten up like this and sobbing I am waiting for you again, and if you bring profiteroles with you, it would be very appreciated! That is enough for today, gentlemen. You are meeting secretly with your lover here!


For the first time in my life, I will pray to break the pen in someone! The prosecutor is in his death throes, and I am saying that we shall help him Februqry Kara episodes, Prove this on the file, and I will then remove all the accusations, Mr.

Tamam, I know what you will say. It is the total opposite. I will check it out and I will explain to you. I spisode check it.