Hoping for the S2 that will never come, going to start on the manga at the point where the anime “leaves off”. Aquarion was on of the few series that I was able to sit through recently. Note to self, never go to bed at 5: I would recommend it to those who like Shonen style anime. Grey Templar But then the upcoming sexual tension between Eren and Mikasa wouldn’t be nearly as good. So far this has been a wonderful season.

It’s a nice slice of life. I love those two anime. I use Animecrave and Animeplus. I blame it on Kon. Of the apes eng snehaveedu malayalam movie for win 7 krian hot malayalam actress roma blue film white crack shutup kiss me english movie. I’ve never thought of billiards in a sexual way, but when she said “knock the balls into the pockets,” I was like, “that’s mighty forward of her.

I’m still wondering what are they going to do with the ero-scenes, I bet the fanbase would like to see something like that, even if it’s something short and covered like the sex scene between Yuki and Yuno in Mirai Nikki Can you link me a site with the manga? Monitor this thread via RSS strratos Aine is a lot more bitchier than I expected.

It’s pretty enjoyable after giving it a couple episodes though. I’m on AoT episode 13 right now After seeing all the new animes this season, here’s my list of “Must Watch! He basically controls people psychologically, it’s crazy lol.


Currently watching Bleach, I was warned not to start watching it. I gave DS2 a good I think. Coolyo – click to view full reply.

True anime fans love the underrated ones: Read the top comments for a big laugh though I’ve found anillnkz many great songs thanks to you. Sword Art Online This one is good, very good so far.

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I feel like she was forced into it, we still don’t know though. If the main heroine didn’t disgust me I’m sure I would of loved it lol. I need more violence though. XD I posted this in the wrong thread. I have heard of Spice and Wolf, is it on Netflix or on Hulu? I liked the first one: Grey Templar I’d watch that. episoed

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Why not just drop them off to start with? I find it funny that this is reminding me of the previous 2 shows I watched. Someone come up with episods kind, nice, feel-goody anime for when I’m done. I know Crunchyroll has it, but I don’t know if anyone else does. You won’t see him on the front lines.


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I loved Oriemo Q. Sturgeon’s Law is out in full force when it comes to this medium. She hopped out when 22 was trying to escape and I was like “o’crap, she’s gonna die isn’t she? Grey Templar Nah, I think that was perfectly executed. There is no harem romance I’m afraid: They know they’ve been brainwashed, and they know the stuff they do isn’t normal.

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Feel like guessing the prices for new copies? I like the movies: I feel so sorry for Tomoko but I can’t stop watching. So far my top anime this season: Best Child Actress — Divya.

Saw a few on here though, which is what brought me over here. Clanned was similar for me. B is excellent, and I still think you would like it. I don’t share american taste.