Faruk hodja is about to begin the calling of jinns in the room of mirrors. Let’s not get into these things but it began when I was a kid. Look, poisoned liquids have been sprinkled overthe brain and heart. No illogical jumps or narrative gaps. Use the HTML below. They still believe it, don’t you see? In a nation that appears uncertain how to feel about its own history with exploitation film and

We have a warehouse at the entrance of the village, will that do? Curse of the Jinn – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dabbe: We spoke to all the villagers, they’re all superstitions. Hi guys, I watched this movie last week. The doctor believes that the woman has a personality disorder and of course the spiritualist believes she is possessed. This is not much of a surprise for her hometown, because it has been many times before. Are you talking about the treatment she received fortwo years?

Get out, out, out, out. The otherday you covered that woman with a black cloth and she was instantly cured. Dabbe 4 Cin Carpmasi: Though her husband, Omer refuses to agree with her but situation become worse.

Got a YouTube account? King Solomon, who rules all the jinns of Egypt, Babylon and Israel Get a chance to watch full movie of Dabbewatch Dabbe movie available in HD format anytime by fill a simple form and clicking button below. For all horror genre lovers,this Turkish movie is an epic.

Man, how the spirit of found footage has been corrupted down through the years! If we can’t do anything, we’ll pray and leave. Local authorities haven’t issued a formal report the fate of Dr. Eastern mysticism, Djinns, Turkish voodoo, black magic spells and runes, mythical demonic energy, traditional charms, and who knows what else. Kudret, however, is married to a woman named Nisa and is very happy. The story is about all secrets behind the jinn exorcism and jinn possession Its not important that You believe or not to the Jinn,you will scare.


From Turkish film director Hassan Karacadag whos famous for making horror movies this has come.

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He shall be proud of himself and his crew they totally deserve the applause. This flick portrays a terrible horror sequence with disturbing scenes. Turkey is probably one of the last places on earth that I would have expected to release a film of this magic. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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A must watch for the horror lovers. This film’s interesting as well about jinn and paranormal things. If you have yet to see this, don’t put it off any longer.

Let’s say that I cured the worst patient in a couple of days and you recorded that It is time to test your courage. Search for ” Dabbe: You’ll be thw of some things related to doomsday, jinns, devil etc. My daughterwas in a hospital for a year and nothing happened!!

I will tell what you dagbe been doing with yourhusbands at night! But dreams have been accpeted by everyone so they are not debatable. Kadir is a man victimized to his mother’s black magic to separate him from every womanincluding his wifethat would ever think of approaching him But things went upside down as oppose to his mother’s expectations.


Definitely the best Turkish horror I’ve seen in ages, and I’m hard to please when it comes to scary films, it’s clever, very chilling and very jumpy indeed, go ahead and watch it, just sleep with the lights on! The first movies were “terrible” for a horror-thriller fan like me but this final one is totally different.

Dabbe 3 and 4 are based on actual events. For those of you who believe in jinns, after watching this movie you will get to know why human beings ojline possessed by jinns or what is black magic or witchcraft? Like previous movies, the movie “Dabbe: A group of friends were haunted respectively with a supernatural forces due to their faulty deed against a little snake.

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I was living happily with my wife until we watched Dabbe series. We are here in the name of God.

There is no time, the cruse will be more aggresive now that we’re here. Afterthe celebrations in the morning you told yourmother you were going to die.