Set against the backdrop of the waning British Raj , the film chronicles the love story of a young man and a woman belonging to different social strata. In punjabi there is a saying that “mitti di kushbhoo ageya” Angrej is such a film, where the one gets that feeling, its a very rooted film. Lot of Love from Pakistani guys who are looking forward to see more such great movies like this. After watching the initial trailer, I was looking forward to this movie. I don’t have words to describe it. Above all a peppy, melodious as well as meaningful soundtrack gives ANGREJ Punjabi a superior edge that was missing in a Punjabi film since many years. Angrej realises that he does not love Maado any more but instead wants to be with Kaur, who loves him. Punjabi Songs and ”Boliaan” are very well sung and Beautifully adopted in Film.

The movie shows how sikhs and muslims lived in peace and harmony back in days and punjab was so peaceful and happy. The film was shot in the rural parts of Rajasthan and Punjab over the course of 40 days, with Navneet Misser serving as the cinematographer. Movie Captures your right from the Start at least it did so to me and you just go with the flow, and Enjoy the an Excellent Story and Great Camera Work. Our Sikh brothers have presented a very true culture of Punjab and it has not only revealed but also revived our Punjabi culture. Both Kaur and Singh lauded Mehta and Sharma for their performances in their debut roles, Kaur favoured Mehta for her spontaneity. Although there are some things that are shown in the movie unnecessarily to describe the outward culture of villages but if we see the overall movie then we find it really very amazing. Retrieved from ” https: Maado’s father, who has recovered from his paralysis, intervenes and vouches for Angrej.

I salute to the director of this movie “Simerjit Singh” for best possible execution of the story line and utilizing each actor so gracefully. But here I personally would like to congratulate the person who did the casting of the two brilliant girls playing the key roles, especially Sargun Mehta.

Our Sikh brothers have presented a very true culture of Punjab and it has not only revealed but also revived our Punjabi culture. We need more movies of this kind with neat and clean lunjabi, which you can watch and enjoy with your family.

Story 10 out of 10Acting 11 out of 10Music 9 out of 10 I moviie writing this review but literally i have no words to explain the beauty and depth of this picture.

There are three basic ways to make a major impact on the Indian viewers always looking for some good entertaining cinema every Friday with the same excitement and passion. It won’t be wrong if I mention that everything in the movie is so well placed, Script, Dialogues, Background-score, Songs everything is just perfect. Set against the backdrop of the waning British Rajthe film chronicles the love story of a young man and a woman belonging to different social strata.


So for all Punjabi film viewers and friends interested in taking a sweet, feel good cultural ride back in time to the mid 40s, buy a bunch of tickets for the entire family and visit your nearest cinemas at the earliest to celebrate love and music together in a h cinematic form like never before with ANGREJ and have a great time.

Do make movies like this one, try different topics other than comedy etc. This is my first ever review on IMDb In other words, a soundtrack with each and every song bringing forward many traditional elements of Punjab’s culture was not found in any of the recent hits or super hits to give you the exact picture. Audible Download Audio Books.

This one is not to be missed. Seriously i have seen so many good movies but this piece of art touched my heart in some way. Angrej soon finds out the girl he loves Madoo, likes someone else. However, she tells him that her family disapproves of his financial condition.

She is Sargun Mehta, the girl known for her TV appearances making her debut in Punjabi cinema with a bang. Angrej was also praised for its production design and described as “one of the rare Punjabi filmsin which the art department had worked really hard on recreating an era in which this film is set [ I belong to a Punjabi family and i want to share that my family has watched this movie for more than 20 times.

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I am short of words for the praise but I can tell you, there was not a single moment in the film that can be left, every small details, scene was awesome. Haakam arrives at the wedding with the groom’s baraat ; that night, he makes a pass at many women including Kaur.

Was this review helpful? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The way movie portrays pre-independence punjab is amazing. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone punjbai tablet! Binnu Dhillion,Sardar Sohi, and Sargun Mehta also impress Overall i was pleasantly surprised with Angrej, the film was throughly enjoyable, it was a laugh riot, and also pynjabi me thinking maybe the old days were better.

She was particularly impressed by Devgan’s “loveable and absolutely fantastic” and Sohi’s “brilliant” performances. My late grand parents migrated from lahore to Delhi after independence, I wish they were alive and I would have watched this movie fulp them, they would have loved this movie. Especially Amrinder, who always displayed a keen understanding of the melody, right from his early days of “Chann Da Tukda”.

Archived from the original on 21 April After a long time have experienced a great entertainment. I’m living in a village of Punjab Pakistan, I feel my soul in the past when i was a child, we had environment almost like the environment shown in movie.


Angrej, an elderly man from India, arrives at his pre-partition home in Pakistan, where he meets the current residents. The set was so natural and dialogues were sweet. Angrej rebukes him and the two engage in a fight, but are later pacified by Maado’s father. He is able ud convince Kaur’s father to agree to the ful, much to the delight of the couple.

Retrieved 22 July Angrej was released theatrically on 31 July Punjxbi is brilliant and songs are awesome. I am from Punjab Pakistan and have close observation of Punjabi culture. Love every bit of it. I watch movie when the movie end I restart it and see Again.

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It has all elements what a beautiful film needs. He wanted the film to represent “the culture, the food, the joy” for the contemporary audience. Normally i do not watch during travel but this film was such a master piece which cant not be ignored. Hats off to the producers and the directors for bringing out this masterpiece.

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Probably the best family movie of the Punjabi film industry. For that, I would like to thank and congratulate the whole team of “Angrej”, particularly, the writer and the director who I believe have contributed a punnjabi deal to the preservation of the Punjabi culture. Movie Captures your right from the Start at least it did so to me and you just go with the flow, and Enjoy the an Excellent Story and Great Camera Work. Two — Transport them to a highly relatable, mesmerizing world with all lovable characters winning hearts right away through their individual mannerisms, anjre and dialogues despite having a predictable storyline.

I am active user of IMDb since and i have rated thousands of movies here but this is my first ever review for any movie. Angrej is heartbroken when he witnesses hs secret meeting between the two; Hakkam had brought a wood-cased radio for Maado from Lahore, much to her amusement. Thankfully after a painfully long wait moving ahead anjtej the subjects of Comedy, Religion and 84, Punjabi cinema finds its lost musical soul back with ANGREJ, scoring the maximum on the second and third point mentioned above.

Hats off to the Director and Whole Team. Like old Punjab was in reality.